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G-d Letter.

Hi folks, I share this today with vulnerability, and the knowledge it may turn some people off. But, it’s the truth, so here goes.

There’s a spiritual tool I sometimes use called a “G-d letter.” In essence, I write a letter to G-d, all my fears and questions and … fears. Then I turn the page, take a breath, and write a letter back – from G-d. I was skeptical of this tool – *very* skeptical – and then I tried it. I’ve been using it at moments of extreme emotional distress since then. 

With the hope you may get something from it too, here’s today’s “letter back.”

Dear Child,

I’m glad you’re here with me. I see your despair and I have compassion. You are on your path. There is no other road to go or seek. I have dotted your path with synchronicity and it will make itself evident, if it hasn’t already — just look around. You are carried and cared for. You are loved and lovable. There is nowhere else to be. Can you trust me? Can you trust my angels here on earth?

Will you let them guide and chisel for you a path? What is the next footprint, Molly? The very next thing to do? Just do that.

I love you, and I cherish WHO YOU ARE, not just who you will become. Because you are already who you will become, you just need to see it. I am here. I am loving. I am listening and I am guiding.

Be still and know that I am G-d, and that joy is here, right here for your taking.

My everything, Your Creator,
G-d. ❤

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