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We Have All Overpacked

hey dudes. burning candle at both ends, with early work commute, and late night job hunting, so, please accept this poem in place of today’s blog. it’s what I read at the “spiritual send-off” graduation ceremony two weeks ago. imagine me being emphatic. xo,m.

                     * * *

There is a train departing shortly.
All the people in this room will be
on it.
This is lucky because you have
You have brought
and sweaters
and knitted hats.
You have anticipated your journey
will be wintered
and icy
and hard.
Your neighbor has also overpacked.
His suitcase is filled with
and boas
and a katy perry mash-up.
He has anticipated his journey
will shimmy with ease
and levity
and laughter.
As you look around this room,
each person comes here overpacked –
with ideas
with plans
with scars.
Each person with
a dream,
or prayer,
or plea.
Each of us comes here hoping
we’ve prepared for our journey
Hoping we’ll
have enough or
be enough or
do enough.
Hoping that everything
we’ve put in
and gone through
and let go of is enough
to move on from
But, I am sorry to tell you,
we haven’t got everything we need.
See, I need your feathered boa
to remind me
not take myself too seriously
 – and that glitter is a verb.
You need my winter boots
to help you walk through that one
moonless night.
The person in front of you would like to know
if you have a bandaid she could
or a book that you love,
or a love that you lost.
The person behind you would like to know
if she could borrow your arms for a
so you can enclose her in an
— something none
of us can pack.
There is a train departing shortly.
All the people in this room will be
on it.
And this is lucky because we have
May 2012

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