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Meet Cute




It was last Saturday at Live Oak Theater. Auditioning for a
staged reading set in Texas. Trying to remember how Texans sound, trying to
channel my memories of True Detective and Saving Grace to get close. About 10
of us are milling around the lobby, there’s only one young cute guy I can
see across the millers, tall enough to see me back.
He walks over and makes introductory chit-chat. I
tell him he looks familiar, because he does. I ask if maybe I’d seen him at
other auditions. He says he doesn’t think so. That he’s
trying to get something in before he moves to LA next month. I inwardly resign
this one, and try a cheerful, Well that’s
a big move! The producer calls my name.
I don’t see him as I’m walking out of the audition. And that
is that.
Until last night. While at my friend’s tattoo shop opening,
I look across a very different enclave of millers, and see him. He smiles, I
wave. I go back to my conversation, but the nag to excuse myself and not miss
the opportunity prevails. I walk over toward him and his friend, a girl.
He replies, they’d heard the music as they were walking by,
and decided to check it out. No, they don’t know any of these folks at all.
Total coincidence. We laugh and light chat, and I walk back over to my
Some bit later, he walks over to me, says they’re going to
take off. Asks if I’m ever in LA. No, not really. When does he move? Three weeks. But he’ll be up to visit sometimes. He offers a, Maybe we can get coffee
or meet up or some other I want to see you again euphemism. I offer my phone
number, he calls it. Exchange complete.
Exit stage right, man with the ocher skin and topaz eyes. 

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