No Blog; Radio

Two elephants are in the shower.

One elephant says, Pass the Soap.

The other elephant responds, No soap, Radio.

* * *

For reasons unknown to me, my mom used to repeat this Dada-esque joke often, but the shorthand just became, No soap, Radio.

It’s shorthand for something absurd, but also something just silly to say when someone asks you to pass something.

The reason there’s “no” blog today, is I set my morning alarm for 5 PM instead of 5 AM for my morning shift at the Dailey Method workout studio. So, I awoke at 6am and didn’t really have the necessary time or “grounding” that serves as the springboard for this lovely (crafted) brain-dump forum.

Therefore, please let this blog serve as an homage to the absurd and an opportunity to picture two elephants in a shower. I’ll let you ponder if either of them are wearing a bathing cap.

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