And Away We GO!




The first “blog-a-day” I wrote here was about Adam Levine.
Forgive me. Or nod understandingly at the photo I posted with said blog. From
what I remember, the blog was about engaging in my life, and playing bass. That
first blog was written in the fall of 2011. And I have finally begun to play my
I first came into ownership of this bass when I was 19. It
was Dave Gillian’s. And because of the apocalyptic way he helped me cheat on my
boyfriend and destroy many of the relationships I held dear, including the one
with myself, he offered to sell me his bass for $5. (We were 19, remember…) So,
I instantly accepted; and he realized what a mistake he’d made (in the offer,
not the cheating) that he offered to sell me the case for it for $195. I said
no thanks, I don’t need a case for it; and besides, (she added pointedly), you
owe me.
And so, a vision, a hobby, a dust-laden, continent-crossing
bass was born.
Although, now, I do wish I had a case for it…
Post-cancerland is really no different from pre-cancerland,
but there are ways that either I’m being more persistent, or the Universe is
being more collusive. Almost two years ago, I got in touch with Brad and Eddie about
putting together a band that didn’t come together. Two years before that, I thumbed
around a few times on it in the practice studio of Kris on his guitar and Matt on drums – neither Kris nor I really knew what we were doing, but the
idea (and reality) of rocking out in a practice space was awesome. Before that, years before
that, I played the same bass line over and over by myself in my room off the
kitchen of 98 Richardson, our college house.
But, now, today, somehow things are different.
The band I’m now playing with is with two girl friends of
mine, so there’s not a lot of pressure to be awesome. Plus it’s very easy to be
a barely adequate bassist. And that’s all they need.
The band isn’t entirely my style (glam-rock), but many of
the songs are funny and so, it’s encouraging me to not take myself too
seriously about the whole thing. Show up, play what’s written, smile, laugh.
Okay, sure, I can do that.
What’s more exciting is that the girl band is an off-shoot
of this woman’s main band – which has guys in it. Real musicians. *Not that women can’t be!* but, it’s nice
to know I’m going to have the chance to play with people who know what they’re
doing, and can help teach me – the guitarist teaches guitar and bass. (In fact, that’s what I’ll be doing tonight!)
Because it’s not really my style, or what I see myself
doing, or what I have in my vision though (singing at The Bottom of the Hill in
the kind of rockish loud band that plays there), I reached out again to my
other friend. And I guess that’s the difference – I keep on reaching out. I
haven’t stopped giving credence to this desire. Instead, I’m following up,
following through. And this other friend is
a rock guitar and singer, has played in a myriad of punk bands, knows what
catharsis it is to get loud, microphone spit, caught in the moment. I want
that, and he’s willing to practice at his space with me. Just for me to get
into the spirit, see if it’s really what I want, how I can do it. Someone to
get loud with me. Someone who supports me, and who I know won’t judge me.
So, Bass. I don’t have a calling to be Flea, but more like
the Ringo of bassists, and a chick singer in a rock band. And god damnit,
apparently I’m doing it.
(First show, June 1st, 6-9pm at f8 in San

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